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    • FAQ


      Q- Who are you?

      A- If truly Bungie Restoration Project is happy for (and want to answer) that question whit all the heart, the truth is that maybe, only MAYBE, we could all get in a little and legal problem if we start to talk about names, so, with all the pain, we cannot answer that.  Bungie Restoration is a Big Project that has all the necessary info, sources and more from the original projects of Halo Combat Evolved, Halo 2 and Halo 3 Finish the Fight, plus Halo 3 ODST. 
      Let’s say this team is full of people with one same goal, and ...

    • dying light modding online

      recover the 3 folders inside data4(dide-mode.ini/dide-mod-log.ini/dsound.dll) place the folders'(pc/pce name/steam/steamapps/common/dying light.retrieve data4 and place it DW...

    • Message from Opalie

      I allow anyone to update, or modify the Wedding mod, as it is an MIT license. If you think someone is using my mod for bad intents, please message me on github, Zola#2185, or at [email protected] wish for all content creators to have their work respected, even people who take time to fix other people's mods. Please, before taking down someone else's mod, check their lisence on Github, if available.
      I make no promise, but I might update the mod to the next version of stardew valley, when it comes out. In the meantime, please, use this amazing CP of the Wedding mod!Thank you a lot to Kaya for working so hard to keep my mod alive.
      - Opalie


    • How to Install (Same as in description)


      Via Mod Manager:

      1. Download the file and manage with your preferred mod manager.
      2. Open "C:\Users\<YourUserName>\Documents\my games\Fallout4" (Replace <YourUserName> with your PC login username)
      3. open the file called "Fallout4.ini"
      4. Locate the line that says "sResourceDataDirsFinal=" and add the music folder to it: "sResourceDataDirsFinal= MUSIC\"
      If you have installed other mods that replace files you can just add a comma and the next folder as well
      E.G: "sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\, MUSIC\, SOUND\"
      5. Save the file, close it.
      6. Open Fallout and have fun!

      Manual Install:

    • Skyrim Special Edition: Better Smelter

      This allows for melting weapons and armor in a smelter to optain base ingots which can then be used to craft different items....

    • Named Fingerposts (Light Map Markers)

      Amol's Edge Fingerpost Cell: 22 -6
      Aspen Road Fingerpost Cell: 23 -20
      Boulderfall Fingerpost Cell: 35 -16
      Chillwind Falls Fingerpost    Cell: -23 13
      Collapsed Fingerpost                   Cell: -16 -11
      Darkwater Falls Fingerpost    Cell: 25 -11
      Dead End Fingerpost Cell: -5 3
      Dead Tree Fingerpost Cell: -39 7
      Destroyed Fingerpost Cell: 28 1
      Echo of Volskygge Fingerpost Cell: -31 23
      End of the Road Fingerpost Cell: 38 -22
      Fairy Pond Fingerpost Cell: 42 -17
      Falkreath Junction Fingerpost Cell: 1 -16
      Falls View Fingerpost Cell: -21 6

    • Better Ambience - A Modpack of my Micro Mods

      I've decided to stop spamming daggerfall modlists with all of my little mods, and instead merging them into one - Better Ambience. This combines:

      Foggy Dungeons:
      Better Footsteps:
      Reverb Dungeons:
      Camera Shake:


    • Patch for A Quality World Map

      A Quality World Map was made a while ago, and still uses Skyrim LE's form 43 ESP format.
      This mod just recompiles the plugins to be compatible with Skyrim SE.
      Still requires the original mod. Download whichever patch from here that corresponds to the version of A Quality World Map you downloaded from the main page here

    • How to Recruit Lucikiel in NPC Adventures

      Have you ever wondered how to recruit Lucikiel even when you installed the compatibility file and NPC Adventures? Here are just a few more steps you need to take!

      1. Make sure you have NPC Adventures installed in your mods folder.
      Along with the NPC Adventures - Lucikiel download located under optional files.
      In the newest version, Quest Framework is absolutely needed for NPC Adventures to work 

      2. You must first reach 20+ floors in the mines and have access to the Adventurer's Guild. (If the guild is still locked for you, you need to complete the "Slay 10 Slimes mission" that comes in your mail on the next day). 

      3. After completing that, Marlon should send you a letter on the next day. He'll ask you to come to the Guild so he ca...

    • Initial release

      This is my first Nexusmods upload, I've been wanting to get this mod done for a while now. I'm happy to have finally made time for it!

      I hope nothing went wrong here, if there's a critical issue like mismatching voices for whatever reason, then feel free to comment. I'll try not to overlook it. Please enjoy this mod!

      By the way is this article mandatory?...

    • UNSC and NMPD Firefight

      You must fight against the UNSC and NMPD, they will fight with UNSC weapons like
      SMG, Battle rifle, assault rifle, etc....

    • Sekiro New game seven

      Sekiro New game + 7, ATK 1, Vilaty 10
      No shinobi tool
      Not full skill ...

    • Somewhat of a ReadMe

      I'm just going to explain the different files, as there's a BUNCH of them. The ones you shouldn't mix and what not.

      1) The Installer.
      As far as I can tell, foolproof. no way to cause issues AS LONG AS you dont change anything on the "patches" section (currently). once you choose your base game version and dlc options, theres a few mods that have some "minor" conflicts. just select the mods you use and when you click next it will auto select all the correct patches. you CAN select the others, but thats NOT INTENDED.

      2) merged - all.
      "all" being the base game - NO DLC. so, companions, thieves, dark brotherhood, and the bounties. there are merged patches for the various conflicting mods.

      3) NON-DLC (companions, dark brotherhood, thie...

    • Ver 3.36 Changelog.

      Total new icons: 9

      Removed Hot-Key icons
      Removed Type Icons
      Removed Compass Tick Icons
      Removed HQ Map Icons
      These are found in my new mod: Clean Vanilla Hud along with other new improvements!

      Interfaceshared Updated.

      Modders Resources:
      Added new icons:
      Improvements made to:
      Deleted these icons:
      9 (the file is named 9), reasoning: use virginofthewastes (in the same folder) instead, much higher quality.
      3 (the file is named 3), reasoning: u...

    • Vanilla Dialogue Menu Visual Bug Explained

      In vanilla Skyrim, there is a visual bug where dialogue options will not be listed fully when there is a lot of text in the dialogue menu. The following is an example using the dialogue with Arngeir right after receiving The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller quest. Here's a screenshot of how the dialogue menu looks in vanilla:

      When using a mod that adds a lot of text to the dialogue menu, such as the Khajiit Speak mods, while scrolling down the options with the scroll wheel, the dialogue menu will stop and get stuck on the third option. There's also no indication that there's more options aside from the small arrow on the left side of the menu. Here's an example with BA Khajiit Speak Redux:

      The only way to workaround this bug in vanilla is using the arrow keys...

    • The Beginning

      This is my 1st String, i'm sure I missed something, if something is missing post a comment and I will do my best to take care of it Swiftly....

    • Evil Genius 1.9 World Domination Overhaul

      I’ve been working on an Evil Genius overhaul mod for the EG anniversary Sept 28th. The mod includes Red Ivan & John Steele's evil clone, Adam Steele as playable evil genius's assisting either Shen Yu or Alexis in world domination, along with other character changes & additions (New AOIs & New Henchmen: Col. Blackheart, Number 2 & Evil Genius 2 henchman Full Metal Jackie)....

    • Changelog 1.3

      * Added new weapons:

      Dragon Fists (bought at Old Wolf of Farron)
      Blood-stained Reaper (sold by Hawkwood)
      Druid Spear (Treausure at Irthyll)
      Oni Koroshi (dropped by NPC at Dark Firleink)
      Timeworn Blade (Irithyll)
      Molten Razor (Smouldering Lake)
      Galvanic Quickblade (Highwall of Lothric)
      Etched Spellblade (Undead Settlement)
      Arched Ebony Blade (Road of Sacrifices)

      * Changed some Icons
      * Various fixes including damage fixes
      * Map edits in some of the areas!! (HIGHLIGHT of this patch!)...

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