Dragon Age: Origins
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  • Inquisition Vallaslin Remastered for Origins

    The DAI vallaslin for DAO, hand painted to properly fit the faces in origins while retaining the look & feel of the original vallaslin....

  • LH's Ceremonial Round Shield

    This is a shield.  It is round and you bash things with it....

  • Elegant Witch Morrigan

    I dunno what this is for buuuttt go nuts I guess? xD...

  • Cutscenes for Sapphos Daughters and The Warden's Women

    We have modded cutscenes so both Sapphos Daughers and The Warden's Women will work with Adopted Dalish Origin wardens.

    These cutscenes  are in a folder that should be placed in packages/core/override.  Please send me a message if you have any problems.

  • How to change the projectiles of bows or staffs by editing game save file using PYGFF.

    This article shows how to edit your save-game files using pyGFF so you can change the projectiles of your character's currently equipped bow/staff.

    1.     Download Mephales's pyGFF.

    2.     Open editor.exe, select the menu: File --> Open, the choose your game save file ( in das
    type), which is in your  “My Documents” folder, such as C:\Users\XXX\Documents\BioWare\DragonAge\Characters\TOM\Saves\QuickSave_1\XXX.das.

    You might want to create a backup file before editing it.

    3.     Inside the save file table, navigate to GFF V4.0 SAVE 1.1 PC --> 16002 SAVEGAME_PLAYERCHAR --> 16208 SAVEGAME_PLAYERCHAR_CHAR --> 16219 SAVEGAME_EQUIPMENT_ITEMS.

  • Alright I changed the Hairstyle

    Basically? Couldn't locate the url to it. Any modders ive offended or will offend, im sincerely sorry....

  • A New Leliana

    If you dislike how Bioware originally made Leliana, then I hope you will like my morph of her. In all honesty? Barely took me long to make it when I decided I wanted to tackle the challenge xD...

  • Changing skintones on NPCs

    Using the toolset to edit a VANILLA NPC head morph or create a NEW one:
    You can download the single player head morphs and open the .mrh in the toolset. File > Save As and save it in a new location so you have a writable copy (you might have to close the file and reopen it from File > Recent Files again before the fields are editable). From there you can change the skintone and make any other changes you like.

    If you want to create a new morph in the toolset choose File > New > Morph, and then in the dropdown in the toolbar, select QM_UHM_BASa. Save the file somewhere with the same name as the morph you want to replace (if you want to replace an existing NPC) and then edit it to your liking.

    Make sure Export .mop is set as fa...

  • Uprising Elf Apostate Class

    Uprising Elf Apostate Class

    This class and origin for Uprising is our interpretation of what an apostate might be like given their lack of a formal magical education and the need to hide their magic from basically everyone. Thus, the class has several of the more exotic or advanced spells removed and a few rogue abilities added. For instance, the spirit tree has been removed as it makes little sense that the apostate would know that type of magic with the alienage life background. However, since the elf has needed to live in an alienage and likely defend themselves, they can use some rogue talents like dirty fighting and below the belt.

    There are two basic ways to play the apostate class, either just with a staff and spells like a traditional mage or like an arca...

  • Mama is back...

    And I'm about to do a major overhaul on Mamas Faces! On top of that, I am starting a project to have some Dalish Elves for companions. Happy playing :D...

  • Lily's Tattoo Outlined

    I have placed an optional file that will allow you to add the old Lily and keep the new Lily if you want. Remember that the old Lily's tattoo was solid in Character Creation but was just the outline in game play. Which means, when you have both Lily's in Character Creation, it will be hard to tell which one is which. I have included the CharGenMorph file with the Lily pack. If you are skilled enough though, I would edit, by hand, your main CharGenMorph file for the game yourself. That way, you can separate the two Lily's and know which one will be first in line. Or simply compile one Lily first and then the other and remember which order they are in.

    Have a great day!...

  • Mamas Faces V1.1

    I have updated V1.0 because Lily's tattoo was not showing up in game play the same way it showed up in Character Creation. In Character Creation, her tattoo showed the way I wanted it to... Solid. But in game play, it was just the outline of the tattoo. I have updated her file to wear she looks the same in game play as she does in Character Creation.

    There will be more updates coming soon. I will be adding more Presets, and in time, I will also add some custom Morphs and MAYBE some toolset files for toolset users. I'm not sure about the toolset files yet.

    If you have any questions, always feel free to contact me. Thanks for your support....

  • Blingless Enchanter Robes

    For all of you who requested it I uploaded a Blingless version of the enchanter robes. As I have time (which is very limited at the moment) I will try to put up blingless versions of my other clothing mods also but for now the Enchanter robes are the only ones I've completed and posted. Enjoy!