The Sims 4
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  • Development Progression

    I will use this article to post how it's going at the end of each production day, I'll try, not sure if I will keep it. Also, I don't want to spam updates in this mod, so l'll wait a big progress to do it.

    College exams started, it will be pauser for a week or two.

    - Development Progress:
    Base game: About 85% done.
    Journey to Batuu: Done.
    City Living: 2% Done.
    Outdoor Retreat: 1% Done.
    Get to work: 1% Done.
    Other DLCS: Not Started.

    Dev. update 3:

    - 98 new files done.
    - All base game foods are done now.
    - Bottles, Knife and other utensils.
    - Pet stuff? I only edited base game content...

    Dev. update 2:

    - 65 new files done
    - A...

  • How to make your own custom mod by order it for free

    1.     Have a idea
    2.     Some guidelines
    3.     Have patience!
    4.      I make it in2-3 days or faster.
    5.      I have enoughfreetime....

  • Opera singer

    This is my second mod so be nice!

    I love to make careers for the sims 4 so if you want a custom one ask me! I make it in 2 days or less. 

    What do i need to have one of my own?


    Career name and also maybe stages or i customize it by myself!


  • New mod

    This is my first mod so be nice and say what you think about it
    I make the changes and upload it again!...

  • Lara Cruise female sim for The sims 4 Base game.

    Lara Cruise public Sim (First download the main file an instal it with vortex or manual.) First download the main file and install it with Vortex or manually. It is recommended that you use Vortex to facilitate desistalation. 

    CC needed to complete the sim.
    You need download somes CCs (mods) separately from somes creators :

    Drag all these packages onto Vortex or install in mods folder. C:\Users\....\Documents\Electronic Arts\the Sims 4\Mods

    From S-Club:

     1. S-Club LL thesims4 Eye shadow01.package   

     2. S-Club LL ts4  watch 04 .package

  • TS4 - Persona 5 CC: Joker and Crow Outfits Topic

    This Article is Focused on the Joker/Crow CC. If you have anything you'd like to say or if you have encountered a bug/error with the Download, Installation, or the CC itself, Leave a Comment & I will try to help!

    This is both a Discussion and Troubleshooting Page....

  • Ok You wanna read

    The icon shows a white body because of how idiotic me set the background as white, but do't worry i fixed it. its just the black shirt now. ...